Chapter 16

Ten Great Gamified Sites and Apps

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering great gamified sites

arrow Exploring fun gamified apps

By now, you’re probably eager to see some examples of gamification in action. Lucky you!

This chapter lists ten sites and/or apps that feature smart gamification — some overtly, others more subtly.

eBay (

eBay has long used a points system to enable users to show their status on the site. And they’ve demonstrated the importance of reputation as a reward to both buyers and sellers, even issuing badges to those sellers they deem to be the best. As you no doubt have learned, these are key game mechanics.

In the future, look to eBay to gamify more aspects of its site to make it even more engaging.

Foursquare (

Foursquare is a free mobile app (see Figure 16-1) that enables you to “check in” at various places and share your experiences there. As you do, Foursquare rewards you with points and badges. You might even get special deals, such as a discount off your bill at a restaurant or a freebie for bringing your friends.

You can also use Foursquare to get recommendations for what to do next. Check in at a given place enough times, and you may become its “mayor” — which can bring with it its own set of privileges, such as a special parking ...

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