Business Integrity in Practice

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The quest for integrity in business is not only a reaction against malfeasance in business and associated calls for reform but also a search that stems from changes and new demands in the global business environment. Among the sources of these new demands are the expectations of stakeholders that corporations and their leaders will take more active roles as citizens within society and in the fight against some of the most pressing problems in the world, such as poverty, environmental degradation, defending human rights, corruption, and pandemic diseases. This book presents and critically discusses key case studies from all over the world, offering essential insights, practical advice, and guidance for any business leader wishing to lead an organization with reliable and proven integrity. The authors provide valuable research results as well as real teaching tools for faculty and students.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. HalfTitle
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Abstract
  6. Contents
  7. Business Integrity in Practice: Insights from International Case Studies
  8. About the Editors and Authors
  9. Business Integrity in Practice: Why the Journey Just Began by Agata Stachowicz–Stanusch and Wolfgang Amann
  10. Part I Toward the Bright Side of Organization
    1. Chapter 1 Ethical Capital and the Culture of Integrity: Three Cases in the United Kingdom and New Zealand
      1. Tom Cockburn, Khosro S. Jahdi, and Edgar Gray Wilson
    2. Chapter 2 Individual Ethical Behavior and the Infl uences of Organizational Culture
      1. Kemi Ogunyemi
    3. Chapter 3 Whistleblowing in Poland: To Blow or Not to Blow the Whistle, Th at Is the Question
      1. Agata Stachowicz–Stanusch
    4. Chapter 4 Integrity and Anticorruption Actions in an Organizational Context
      1. Peter Odrakiewicz
  11. Part II Humanistic Management: The Foundation for Building Organizational Integrity
    1. Chapter 5 Faith, Hope, and Care: Integrity and Poverty Alleviation Through Enterprise
      1. Kathryn Pavlovich
    2. Chapter 6 A Consulting Model that Clarifies Core Values and Promotes Greater Organizational Integrity
      1. William B. Mesa
  12. Part III Values and Virtues as Milestones for Integrity in Organization
    1. Chapter 7 Managing Integrity in Chinese Organizations: A Confucian Perspective
      1. Yi–Hui Ho and Chieh–Yu Lin
    2. Chapter 8 Building Integrity Among Organizations in Southeast Asia
      1. Roberto Martin N. Galang and Manuel J. De Vera
    3. Chapter 9 How Could an Executive MBA Ethics Course Contribute to Humanistic Management?
      1. Gustavo González–Couture, Verónica Durana–Angel, and David Schnarch–González
  13. Part IV Integrity Priorities During and After the Crisis
    1. Chapter 10 Reflections on Building Organization Integrity After Radical Changes: Experiences of Physicians in Turkish Healthcare Sector
      1. Burcu Guneri Cangarli, R. Gulem Atabay, and Adviye Ahenk Aktan
    2. Chapter 11 Business Ethics Following a Financial Crisis
      1. Throstur Olaf Sigurjonsson, Auður Arna Arnardóttir, and Vlad Vaiman
    3. Chapter 12 Improving Organizational Integrity Th rough Humanistic Diversity Management: The Case of Minority–Majority Relations in Healthcare Organizations and Academic Institutions
      1. Helena Desivilya Syna, Amit Rottman, and Michal Raz
  14. Notes
  15. References
  16. Index
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  • Title: Business Integrity in Practice
  • Author(s): Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch
  • Release date: November 2012
  • Publisher(s): Business Expert Press
  • ISBN: 9781606494950