The number in parentheses after each definition indicates the chapter where more information can be found about the topic.


Any application that is delivered through a browser or specialized client to an end user's PC. SaaS providers offer this service. (2)

Application program interface (API)

A software interface in which cloud providers allow software to access their services. (6)

Association discovery

A data mining technique that analyzes data sets and discovers the association among elements. (7)

Availability (network)

The amount of time a network is accessible for use. Often expressed as a percentage and often required to be 99.999 percent—referred to as five 9s. (6)

Big Data

Data with high volume, high velocity, and high variety. (7, 8)

Big iron

Massive computers that provide processing power in organizations that need to manipulate large amounts of data or transactions. (1)

Bring your own device (BYOD)

The practice of employees bringing their own personal digital devices (e.g., phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops) to work with the intent of using them on the employer's network. (9)

Broad network access

A required essential characteristic of cloud computing. Services are available over the network and are accessible via a standardized interface (e.g., application program interface). (2)

Business agility

The ability of an enterprise to sense and react quickly to changes in its environment. (4)

Business analytics

Techniques that create business ...

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