Introduction to Business and Technology Strategy

Section Purpose
This section is a good review for readers with a background in organizational behavior, management, and technology policy. It is not meant to be an exhaustive study of these important topics, but rather an overview of key points as they relate to ICT infrastructure. Those interested in an intensive study of business strategy would be best served by a course or book on that topic. The focus of this book is to create business intelligence through the value-based strategic deployment of ICT investments.

ICT has become a commodity. In and of itself, ICT provides no competitive advantage, and because of its commodity status, it is relatively easy to amass large quantities of technology cheaply.1 Without a sound business use for technology, even in the hands of the most skilled engineer, large amounts of technology will not yield competitive advantage. What will, then? ICT infrastructure that is implemented as a result of ICT recommendations driven by sound business strategy and selected use of value-based management techniques has the greatest potential to yield competitive advantage.

FedEx is a good example of this. FedEx clearly saw the need to incorporate a technology strategy into its business strategy. In short, FedEx saw the linkage between the two strategies very early. While it was not necessary for FedEx's managers to understand all of the aspects of the technology implementation, it was necessary for ...

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