Chapter 11. Ten Recommendations for a Highly Effective Business Intelligence Competency Center

According to a February/March 2005 survey from Better Management entitled "How Do You Plan for Business Intelligence?" 60 percent of the respondents say they never, rarely, or only sometimes get the information they need to make effective business decisions. Those with intelligent enterprises want to make sure that everyone throughout the organization is making fact-based decisions to mitigate risk and maximize performance.

Evolving the intelligent enterprise is a complex task that requires promoting and supporting the use of information for decision making at all organizational levels. A central structure, such as the Business Intelligence Competency Center, for defining, executing, and supporting the Business Intelligence strategy, ensures the robustness, sustainability, and reliability of the information infrastructure and, at the same time, enables heterogeneous groups of information consumers to use information in a coordinated way to achieve the organization's goals.

This book has provided an overview of the BICC concept and its benefits and given recommendations for setting up and maintaining a BICC. It has highlighted the most important aspects you need to consider when implementing a BICC. So, what is it that will distinguish an effective BICC from an ineffective one? How will you know you are there? What are the key points to consider?

Have a Vision for Business Intelligence

Executive ...

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