The Indian Contract Act 1872: Bailment and Pledge

Learning Objectives

In this chapter, the students will come to know

  • What is a bailment and pledge of goods?

  • Types of bailment.

  • Duties and rights of a bailee.

  • Duties and rights of a bailor.

  • Termination of a bailment.

  • Lien

  • Pledge

  • Rights of a pwanor and a pledgee.


The term ‘bailment’ is derived from the French word ‘bailer’ which means to deliver a thing under a contract. The delivery of goods by one person to another person for a specific purpose with a condition to return the goods when the purpose is over or otherwise disposed off according to the direction of the person.

The person who delivers the goods is known as the ‘Bailor’ and the person who receives the ...

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