Business Meeting & Event Planning For Dummies, 2nd Edition

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Hold productive meetings and events with help from Dummies

It’s a whole new world out there. With so many companies, big and small, electing to move to virtual or hybrid operating models, meetings have arguably become more important than ever as the primary way teams communicate day-to-day. But how do you maximize engagement when a screen sits between you and your coworkers? In Business Meeting & Event Planning For Dummies, expert author Susan Friedmann shares her tips and insider tricks for navigating virtual and hybrid gatherings without missing a beat. Armed with top-notch guidance and insider tips from Dummies, you’ll be able to streamline meetings to maximize efficiency and save money – on or offline.

  • Create effective and exciting business events and presentations
  • Keep on time and on budget, maintain group engagement, and use social media to your advantage
  • Discover best practices, proven tips, and technical advice

If you’re a professional who wants to make the most of business meetings, this is the Dummies guide for you. It’s also a valuable resource for anyone who needs to plan a large-scale event (seminar, convention, etc.).

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. Foolish Assumptions
    3. Icons Used in This Book
    4. Beyond the Book
    5. Where to Go from Here
  5. Part 1: Been to Any Good Meetings or Events Lately?
    1. Chapter 1: Gearing Up for Meetings and Events
      1. Being Wise About Holding Meetings
      2. Focusing on Your Purpose
      3. Figuring Out Who Should Be Involved
      4. Knowing How Long a Meeting or Event Should Last
      5. Finding the Right Setting
      6. Getting Help When You Can
    2. Chapter 2: Strictly Business: Defining Meetings
      1. Holding Shareholders Meetings
      2. Gathering the Board of Directors
      3. Getting Away: Corporate Retreats
      4. Setting Up Successful Sales Meetings
      5. Prepping Quickly: Impromptu Meetings
    3. Chapter 3: The ABCs of Meeting Preparation
      1. Identifying the Purpose
      2. Planning the Agenda
      3. Inviting Attendees
      4. Assessing Your Needs
      5. Assisting Guests with Special Needs
      6. Setting the Scene
    4. Chapter 4: Mixing Business with Pleasure: Events
      1. Heading to a Destination Event
      2. Connecting with the Media
      3. Honoring Employees
      4. Launching a Product
    5. Chapter 5: Bringing an Event to Life
      1. Deciding When to Stage Your Event
      2. Choosing Your Venue
      3. Scripting the Event
      4. Analyzing Your Audience
      5. Creating the Atmosphere
      6. Creating a Memorable Theme
      7. Entertaining the Groups
  6. Part 2: It’s All Show Business
    1. Chapter 6: Get Me to the Meeting on Time
      1. Up, Up, and Away: Air Travel Made Easy
      2. Organizing Ground Transportation
      3. Working with a Travel Agent
      4. Timing It Right
    2. Chapter 7: Food for Thought
      1. Considering Food and Beverage Concerns
      2. Exploring Eating Options
      3. Serving Drinks at Your Event
      4. Working with the Catering Manager
      5. Getting It All in Writing
    3. Chapter 8: Selecting Great Speakers
      1. Understanding Types of Presentation
      2. Selecting Good Speakers
      3. Using Help to Find a Speaker
      4. Understanding Fees
      5. Confirming Arrangements in Writing
    4. Chapter 9: It’s the Extras That Count
      1. Helping Guests Get a Good Meal
      2. Showing Off the Location to Your Guests
      3. Putting Sports and Exercise on the Menu
      4. Welcoming Spouses and Partners
    5. Chapter 10: Lights, Camera, Action!
      1. Taking Control of Your Environment
      2. Handling Your Audiovisual Needs
      3. Exploring Special Presentation Situations
  7. Part 3: No Guts, No Story
    1. Chapter 11: Nuts and Bolts: Negotiating, Contracting, and Ensuring Safety
      1. Finding the Best Supplier with RFPs
      2. Negotiating the Deal
      3. Signing on the Dotted Line
      4. Creating a Safe and Secure Event
      5. Liability and Insurance Issues
    2. Chapter 12: Working with Vendors
      1. Teaming Up
      2. Working with Specific Types of Vendors
    3. Chapter 13: Drinking Champagne on a Beer Budget
      1. Preparing a Budget
      2. Making Money
      3. Cost-Cutting Tips for the Savvy Planner
  8. Part 4: Building Bridges with Technology
    1. Chapter 14: Making Meeting Technology Work for You
      1. Why Go Virtual?
      2. Exploring What’s Available
      3. Selecting the Right Meeting Alternative
    2. Chapter 15: This Phone’s for You: Conference Calling
      1. Exploring Service Options
      2. Tips for a Successful Conference Call
      3. Minding Your Manners: Conference Calling Etiquette
    3. Chapter 16: Holding Meetings Online
      1. The Pros and Cons of Meeting Online
      2. Determining Your Needs
      3. Choosing the Right Format
      4. Staging a Successful Videoconference
      5. Springing into Action
      6. Special Considerations for Webinars
      7. Running Hybrid Meetings
    4. Chapter 17: Expanding Your Reach with Virtual Events
      1. Understanding Virtual Events
      2. Types of Virtual Events
      3. Doing it Yourself or Getting it Done for You
      4. Making Your Event Run Well
  9. Part 5: Exhibiting at Trade Shows
    1. Chapter 18: Planning for Gold: Exhibiting 101
      1. Planning a Successful Exhibit
      2. Promoting Your Exhibit
    2. Chapter 19: Strutting Your Stuff: Exhibiting 201
      1. Counting on People for Exhibit Success
      2. Ensuring a Productive Exhibit
      3. Measuring Results
    3. Chapter 20: Presenting the Floor Show: Exhibiting 301
      1. Honing in on Leads
      2. Giving Visitors a Touch of Show Biz
      3. Feed Them and They Will Come: Using Hospitality Suites
      4. Getting into Uniform
      5. Dealing with Snoops
      6. Outfoxing the Competition
  10. Part 6: The Part of Tens
    1. Chapter 21: Ten Creative Ways to Meet
      1. Being a Sport
      2. Starting a Thread
      3. Getting on the Phone
      4. Making It a Game
      5. Recording a Message
      6. Sharing the Knowledge
      7. Writing an E-Mail
      8. Tapping Productivity Apps
      9. Whiteboard Brain Storm
      10. Sending out a Survey
    2. Chapter 22: Ten Common Meeting Mistakes to Avoid
      1. Forgetting to Check Dates
      2. Booking a Site Before Making a Visit
      3. Failing to Market Your Event
      4. Signing Contracts That Lack Specifics
      5. Failing to Plan
      6. Neglecting to Check References
      7. Leaving Important Details to the Last Minute
      8. Letting Someone Else Do the Planning
      9. Neglecting Contingencies
      10. Trying to Save Money
    3. Chapter 23: Ten Top Negotiating Tactics
      1. Knowing What You Want
      2. Doing Your Research
      3. Rehearsing Your Opening
      4. Asking Powerful Questions
      5. Becoming an Information Monger
      6. Being a Champion Listener
      7. Creating a Positive Mood
      8. Being Prepared to Walk Away
      9. Knowing Negotiating Styles
      10. Exercising Silence
    4. Chapter 24: Ten Strategies For Exhibiting Overseas
      1. Doing Your Homework
      2. Starting Early
      3. Budgeting Carefully
      4. Designing Your Overseas Exhibit Space
      5. Constructing Your Exhibit
      6. Dealing with Customs Issues
      7. Providing Hospitality
      8. Exhibiting Sensitivity to the Host Culture
      9. Using Native Speakers for Translations
      10. Being Patient
  11. Appendix: Checklist Heaven
    1. Small Meeting Checklist
    2. Site Selection Checklist
    3. Food and Beverage Functions Checklist
    4. Accessibility Considerations Checklist
    5. Audiovisual Equipment Checklist
    6. Staging Checklist
    7. RFP (Request for Proposal) Checklist
    8. Meeting Contract Checklist
    9. Trade Show Budgeting Checklist
    10. Exhibitor Toolkit Checklist
    11. Post-Event Evaluation Checklist
  12. Index
  13. About the Author
  14. Advertisement Page
  15. Connect with Dummies
  16. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Business Meeting & Event Planning For Dummies, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): Susan Friedmann
  • Release date: January 2023
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781119982814