Chapter 2

Strictly Business: Defining Meetings


Bullet Finding out how to run a shareholder’s meeting

Bullet Bringing board members together

Bullet Having fun with corporate retreats

Bullet Putting together a sales meeting

Bullet Getting together unexpectedly

The dictionary defines a meeting as “a coming together of persons or things.” In this chapter, I add some specifics to the dictionary definition by taking a look at the characteristics of several different types of corporate business meetings. This chapter shows you what a shareholders meeting is, as well as a board meeting, corporate retreat, sales conference, and more.

This chapter is a lexicon of meeting types. It provides you with the definitions of specialized meetings that you may be asked to plan. Because the basics of meeting planning hold true for each type of meeting discussed, the tips, advice, and instructions throughout this book will help you when planning all of them. The information in later chapters is relevant to board meetings ...

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