Chapter 6

Get Me to the Meeting on Time


Bullet Arranging air travel

Bullet Planning ground transportation

Bullet Finding reputable travel agents

Bullet Knowing when to plan your event

They come by land and by air, travelers fighting their way through crowded airports and unfamiliar cities, making their way to your event. A smooth trip means they arrive relaxed, refreshed, and ready to focus; give them a poorly planned trip, and they walk in the door fatigued and frustrated.

When you make travel arrangements for people attending your meeting or conference, you have a certain level of control over their mental state when they arrive. If you follow a few simple tips and pay attention to detail as you set up their travel plans, you can help your travelers get to the meeting on time and ready to work!

This chapter tells you what you need to know about arranging air travel and ground transportation, and it helps you choose a reputable travel agent. The skills you learn here can also help you when you plan your own travel —perhaps a well-deserved vacation after the meeting is over?

Up, Up, and Away: ...

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