Chapter 14

Making Meeting Technology Work for You


Bullet Discovering the benefits of modern meeting alternatives

Bullet Exploring available technologies

Bullet Choosing the best medium for your meeting

Technology is booming, bringing people all over the world closer together through advanced systems of communication. Why not take advantage of this for your business? You can save time and travel costs by arranging meetings or presentations over the phone and online.

This chapter outlines the emerging role of technology in meetings and discusses some of the options available to you, including tips on selecting the appropriate technology to match your business event. I also introduce specific virtual meeting methods — how to host a successful conference call, video conference, or online conference, how to use the internet to your advantage, and how to use other available technologies to enhance both your in-person and virtual meetings.

Why Go Virtual?

Virtual meetings save time and money by eliminating the travel associated with the traditional business trip. Airfare, hotel, and other expenses evaporate when you meet via phone or online. People don’t waste time waiting at the airport, ...

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