The market response to Business Model Generation has been extremely gratifying. The first print run of 5,000 books sold out in two months, with no marketing budget and without the support of a traditional publisher. News about the book spread exclusively by word-of-mouth, blogs, Web sites, e-mail, and Twitter. Most gratifying of all, local meetups, where readers and Hub followers got together to discuss Business Model Generation's content, formed spontaneously worldwide.


@business_design Three steps to effective use of "Business Model Generation": 1) Buy book 2) Test live 3) Be amazed ;-) @Acluytens

Excitement! Business Model Generation book arrived! It's going to be an "I'm reading weekend," sorry darling! :-) #bmgen


Still quiet in the house this sunday morning. Enjoying a cappuccino and reading Business Model Generation.


I have a dilemma now: to catch up on class reading or have fun with Business Model Generation by @business_design...


Just got my copy of Business Model Generation by @business_design designed by @thinksmith Even more beautiful than I imagined #bmgen


Heading over to #ftjco to visit @ryantaylor and borrow his copy of #bmgen tonight. Exciting evening all-around!


I'm SO tempted to write all over my copy of #bmgen, but it's too beautiful to destroy. Think I need 2 copies.



Just got my copy of Business Model Generation - looks to be as beautifully made as it ...

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