Chapter 5. Process

Business Model Design Process

In this chapter we tie together the concepts and tools from the book to simplify the task of setting up and executing a business model design initiative. We propose a generic business model design process adaptable to your organization's specific needs.

Every business model design project is unique, and presents its own challenges, obstacles, and critical success factors. Every organization starts from a different point and has its own context and objectives when it begins addressing an issue as fundamental as its business model. Some may be reacting to a crisis situation, some may be seeking new growth potential, some may be in startup mode, and still others may be planning to bring a new product or technology to market.

The process we describe provides a starting point upon which just about any organization can customize its own approach. Our process has five phases: Mobilize, Understand, Design, Implement, and Manage. We describe each of these phases in a general way, then revisit them from the perspective of the established organization, as business model innovation in enterprises already executing on one or more existing business models requires taking additional factors into account.

Business model innovation results from one of four objectives: (1) to satisfy existing but unanswered market needs, (2) to bring new technologies, products, or services to market, (3) to improve, disrupt, or transform an existing market with a better ...

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