Business Model You: A One-Page Method For Reinventing Your Career

Book description

A one-page tool to reinvent yourself and your career

The global bestseller Business Model Generation introduced a unique visual way to summarize and creatively brainstorm any business or product idea on a single sheet of paper. Business Model You uses the same powerful one-page tool to teach readers how to draw "personal business models," which reveal new ways their skills can be adapted to the changing needs of the marketplace to reveal new, more satisfying, career and life possibilities. Produced by the same team that created Business Model Generation, this book is based on the Business Model Canvas methodology, which has quickly emerged as the world's leading business model description and innovation technique.

This book shows readers how to:

  • Understand business model thinking and diagram their current personal business model

  • Understand the value of their skills in the marketplace and define their purpose

  • Articulate a vision for change

  • Create a new personal business model harmonized with that vision, and most important, test and implement the new model

When you implement the one-page tool from Business Model You, you create a game-changing business model for your life and career.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Copyright
  3. Title Page
  4. Co-created by 328 work life wizards …
  5. Real Reinventors:
  6. Contents
  7. Canvas
    1. CHAPTER 1: Business Model Thinking: Adapting to a Changing World
    2. CHAPTER 2: The Business Model Canvas
      1. Customers
      2. Value Provided
      3. Channels
      4. Customer Relationships
      5. Revenue
      6. Key Resources
      7. Key Activities
      8. Key Partners
      9. Costs
    3. CHAPTER 3: The Personal Business Model Canvas
      1. Key Resources
      2. Key Activities
      3. Customers
      4. Value Provided
      5. Channels
      6. Customer Relationships
      7. Key Partners
      8. Revenues and Benefits
      9. Costs
      10. How Chris Revised Her Personal Business Model
  8. Reflect
    1. CHAPTER 4: Who Are You?
      1. The World Beyond Work
      2. Answering the “Who Am I?” Question
      3. Core Interests to the Fore!
      4. Multiple Roles
      5. Multiple Canvases
      6. Lifeline Discovery
      7. Personality and Environment
      8. Uncover Your Key Personality Tendency
      9. What Sort of Person Are You?
      10. Defining Work, Defining Ourselves
      11. A Message to the Unsure
      12. How do you spend most of your time?
    2. CHAPTER 5: Identify Your Career Purpose
      1. Raise Your Purpose Flag!
      2. Cover Story You!
      3. The Three Questions
      4. Your Brand-New Life
      5. Purpose Statement
      6. Putting Purpose into Play
      7. THE ACID TEST
  9. Revise
    1. CHAPTER 6: Get Ready to Reinvent Yourself
      1. Altering Your Perspective
      2. The Editor
    2. CHAPTER 7: Re-Draw Your Personal Business Model
      1. Redraw Your Personal Business Model
      2. Reinvention Inspiration
  10. Act
    1. CHAPTER 8: Calculate Your Business Value
      1. What a Paycheck Teaches
      2. Take-Home Pay's True Meaning
      3. A Surprising Truth About Business
      4. Calculating Your Worth
    2. CHAPTER 9: Test Your Model in the Market
      1. Does Your Model Match Customer Reality?
      2. How to Test a Business Model
      3. Get Out!
      4. Go Further
      5. Verify Assumptions Within Each Building Block
      6. Prepare to Validate Customers
    3. CHAPTER 10: What's Next?
      1. More Ways to Apply the BMY Methodology
  11. Extras
    1. The Business Model You Community
    2. Creator Bios
  12. Notes

Product information

  • Title: Business Model You: A One-Page Method For Reinventing Your Career
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: March 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118156315