Get Ready to Reinvent Yourself


Mountain View, California

A roomful of giggling Google employees is standing, hands overhead, swaying from side to side. Their speaker has asked them to do this if they recognize any of their own internal monologues in a series of PowerPoint slides:

“You contemplate your life and where you are going and the question ‘Is this all there is to it?’ arises unbidden and makes you uncomfortable.”

images Yes images No

“You constantly plan to set your life straight ‘when’ something happens or something gets over — when that big project you are working on is completed, when your mother recovers from surgery and leaves the hospital, when your child gets straight, when your job-hunting spouse finds one.”

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“You evaluate all events in terms of their impact on you. If your spouse gets a great job offer you wonder how it will impact your relationship or if your boss gets fired you wonder if you will get that job or how you will get along with whoever comes next.” ...

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