Chapter 11

The Game of Work, the Work of Game

In Chapter 10, I talked about virtual currency and how they could be used to change the way customers think about transactions and how you use them in loyalty programs. But now think in terms of that next bonus to employees: What if they could earn virtual currency in your corporate environment? Could they buy vacations, electronics, and new cars with co-marketing and barter agreements your company sets up? Could you reward them for collaboration, good ideas, or staying healthy?

Business Model Shift 7: Turning Work into a Game

In terms of perks and bonuses for employees—which could also apply to rewarding good suppliers and other business partners: What if you could give them virtual money that has value to them but allows you to encourage them to buy certain things or behave in certain ways?

Imagine this virtual currency integrated into an employee mobile app—a remote control for work. What if any employee could click on an app to call in sick to work, make a contribution to a 401k, or apply for an internal position that has opened up? Employees on the road can pay for travel expenses directly from a per diem that settles instantly and dually serves as an expense report. If there is an infraction on an expense report—an unallowable expense—there could be an instant alert, even prohibiting payment, or maybe allowing the more expensive hotel if the employee uses a corporate currency to cover the additional expense. It is the conceptual ...

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