There's an App for That!

Why is it that people like apps so much? There is the surface answer, which is to say that apps each solve a specific problem that people have. But there is more to it than that and a good reason that “There's an app for that!” has become an exclamation of satisfaction for a growing number of smartphone adopters. Each app becomes a small demystifying revelation that arms people with whatever tool they need to become instant experts at the game, whatever the game is. There is nothing quite like that aha! moment. It gives people power, confidence, and a sense of being rewarded. And it is enjoyable because an app can add an element of fun to even the most mundane task.

Say the task is shopping for the new lawn mower you need. You download a shopping app to your smartphone, scan or key in the lawn mower's model number, and in seconds there is a list of every retailer in the vicinity selling that mower, and what it costs. Say the task is getting some signed documents copied and delivered before a meeting in 30 minutes, but you are in the car driving. Pull over for a moment, download one of a number of applications that can scan a document by using the smartphone's camera, and in seconds you have produced PDFs and e-mailed them. Running late for the airport and want to check-in, collect your boarding pass, and even pay to go through the premium service line at security? There's an app for that!

What have these tasks ultimately become? Games. Why is shopping ...

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