Chapter 4

Your Business Success Depends Upon Your Business Model

In This Chapter

arrow Figuring out why it’s tough to succeed without a good business model

arrow Knowing that hard work doesn’t always pay

arrow Experimenting with great business models instead of waiting for divine inspiration

arrow Waiting to see whether a model will work

Creating a great business with a lousy business model isn’t possible. Plain and simple: a great business begins with a great business model. If you want to reap the maximum reward from your hard work and talent, building an outstanding business model is a prerequisite.

Plowing financial resources and energy into a business before creating an outstanding business model qualifies as putting the cart before the horse. In this chapter, you discover why great businesses are built upon great business models and why hard work can be your enemy instead of your friend.

Trying (And Failing) to Succeed without a Superior Business Model

In this section I do some side-by-side comparisons of businesses. In column 1 of Table 4-1 are some commonly sought-after business characteristics. ...

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