Chapter 5

Using Tools to Design Your Business Model

In This Chapter

arrow Figuring out that designing business models the old-fashioned way doesn’t work

arrow Using a structured approach for your business model

arrow Weighting the most important aspects of your business model

arrow Evaluating business model templates

A business model is more than simply a good idea. Sure, plenty of great businesses have been sketched on the backs of napkins, but such a primitive approach is like traveling by horse and buggy when you can get there a lot faster — and much more comfortably — in an automobile. However, advances in the study of business models have led to a more formalized and scientific process to create and analyze them.

In order to create the best business model possible, you should consider a structured approach. In this chapter, I show you a structured, modular approach to designing a business model, showing the components of the model, and I demonstrate why some aspects of your business model are much more important than others.

Examining Traditional Business Model Design Methods

The concept of a business ...

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