Chapter 7

Completing Your Offering with a Unique Value Proposition

In This Chapter

arrow Making your value proposition unique

arrow Considering your unique selling proposition

arrow Getting the most from your product

arrow Using your UVP to become more marketable

arrow Creating a powerful brand

After you know the most attractive market for your business (see Chapter 6 for details on determining market attractiveness), you want to create a differentiated offer by defining your unique selling proposition, price point(s), unique value proposition, and brand. The combination of your strong offer and excellent market niche comprises the most important aspect of your business model.

Building a Unique Value Proposition

You don’t need a unique offering in order to have a business model. If, however, you want to have the most successful model possible, you want to offer customers something they can’t get somewhere else. This uniqueness may be only one thing, such as the sole gas station on a particular corner, or it may ...

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