Chapter 9

Monetization through Sales Performance

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying and working on common sales problems

arrow Knowing the value of marketing in relation to sales

arrow Creating a proven process to turn a prospect into a paying customer — again and again

Occasionally, a potentially great business model falls prey to a poor sales system. Every product needs to be sold. That doesn’t mean sold by a person — just sold. In order for your business model to be successful, you need to create a sales system to finalize the marketing process that turns customer needs into cash in your pocket.

This chapter discusses how to create a proven and repeatable sales process to ensure that your marketing concepts turn into sufficient quantities of actual sales.

It’s difficult to imagine a world without the light bulb. Imagine living in the 1880s, before buildings and homes were safely and easily lit. Back then, people used candles and gas lamps to illuminate buildings. It would seem that the easiest sale ever was to sell a cheaper, easier, and better way to illuminate. It wasn’t. No one would install Thomas Edison’s light bulbs because they were afraid light bulbs would burn down the building. Ironic, ...

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