Chapter 16

Detecting Hidden Problems and Adapting before It’s Too Late

In This Chapter

arrow Working on your business model (It’s like a magic wand!)

arrow Looking at common issues like the need for more sales and the need for more time

arrow Identifying the root causes of everyday business issues

arrow Adapting your business model while you still can

Sometimes everyday business problems really are more of a problem than they seem. Many times these problems are symptoms of a deeper business model issue. By learning to recognize the root cause of these everyday problems, you can save yourself tremendous grief. If you address the business model as the root cause of the issue, you’ll find that many problems simply disappear.

In this chapter, I tell you about some of the common symptoms of business model issues and their solutions. Be prepared for a bit of a shove toward confronting and dealing with these issues now rather than later. Then I discuss the process of business model erosion and how to mitigate its effects. By counting on change, you can maintain a stronger business model than your competition. ...

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