Chapter 23

Ten Terrific Business Models

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering ten time-tested business models proven to generate profits

arrow Seeing the key business strategy one celebrity entrepreneur uses in every business deal

arrow Leveraging emerging buyer psychology to your advantage

arrow Making billions by creating a must-have brand

Sometimes the best way to learn is by example. In this chapter I discuss ten business models that have proven to be profitable over long periods of time. I discuss high-profile companies that use each of these models as well as detail how they make the models work effectively.

The benefit of studying various business models is they usually spark an idea. As you study these models, think of how you can borrow a piece of their strategy for yours.

Build Once, Sell Many

The world’s worst business model is build once, sell once. The only way to achieve significant profits with the build once, sell once model is with a very high hourly rate. That’s getting tougher and tougher in a flat world.

If build once, sell once is the worst business model, it stands to reason that build ...

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