Chapter 24

Ten Signs You May Have an Issue with Your Business Model

In This Chapter

arrow Spotting symptoms of a faltering business model

arrow Fixing the root causes of common business issues

arrow Realizing why lack of funding is never the real problem

arrow Knowing that hiring a sales superstar never fixes a business model

arrow Discovering a powerful delegation tactic

Sometimes a business issue is just what it appears to be. You need more sales and the sales force is underperforming. Fix the sales force and the issue is fixed. Many issues in business have to do with execution and don’t represent an issue with your business model.

Sometimes issues appear to be tactical — like upgrading the sales force, better marketing, or stronger operations — but fixing these issues won’t solve the problem. I’ve seen many businesses spend years tackling these tactical issues only to make minor progress. In situations like these, the impediment to success may not be strategic or tactical, but the business model.

Your business ...

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