Chapter 2

Exploring Different Aspects of Networking

In This chapter

arrowUnderstanding why networking works whether you’re employed or a business owner

arrowIntegrating networking into your marketing strategy

arrowGetting to grips with networking and social media

All sorts of different people go networking and all sorts of people go networking for all sorts of reasons.

In this chapter, I look at networking for both the business owner and the happily employed. I also provide a few early thoughts on integrating networking into everything else you do, particularly your marketing and your social media.

What I hope is that, by the end of this chapter, you’ll be set up with some ideas ready to set your expectations and business networking goals.

Networking for the Employed

Much of this book is aimed at business owners who want to use networking to build their business. I’m self-employed by accident and so have based a lot of this book on my own experience and the world as I see it around me.

But it surprises me that more gainfully employed people don’t use networking to build their role and build their business. Certainly if I was back in a business development or account management role, I’d be all over ...

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