Chapter 7

Making Connections in Open Networking

In This chapter

arrowGetting the best from open networking events

arrowIdentifying who you can approach

arrowChoosing your opener – what to say

arrowUnderstanding basic body language – and using it to your advantage

Alot of local events and ‘sponsored’ networking events are likely to be open, which means that they lack a formal structure.

Many people find these events intimidating but, with a bit of preparation, you can find it possible (and even easy) to network effectively – developing new contacts as you go.

In this chapter, I give you techniques and strategies to use in open networking environments wherever you may find them.

Understanding Open Networking

For me, the most frightening part of networking has always been the ‘open’ networking events, and the open networking part of many of the structured events. In short, open networking is simply networking without a structure. Think of open networking as a drinks party but with the goal of introducing yourself to other business people.

Mastering the skill of open networking is important because many networking ...

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