Chapter 3. Service Composition with BPEL

In this chapter, we will get familiar with the BPEL concepts and discuss composing services with BPEL. We will show how to develop executable business processes. In a nutshell, we:

  • Discuss service composition with BPEL
  • Explain how business processes are defined in BPEL
  • Get familiar with core concepts including:
    • The structure of BPEL process definitions
    • Invoking web services
    • Synchronous and asynchronous processes
    • Partner links
    • The role of WSDL
    • Important activities and other constructs
  • Define an example BPEL process

Developing Business Processes with BPEL

BPEL uses an XML-based vocabulary that allows us to specify and describe business processes. As mentioned in Chapter 1, with BPEL, you can describe business processes ...

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