Model Question Papers

Semester I

Paper A

Time 2hrs.

Marks 40

Answer all questions

All questions carry equal marks

  1. ‘All contracts are agreements but all agreements are not contracts’. Discuss.


    Hint: Refer page 4–6


    Discuss the rules regarding offer as given in the Indian Contract Act.


    Hint: Refer page 9–11

  2. Under what circumstances is the object or consideration of a contract unlawful? Illustrate with examples.


    Hint: Refer page 16–17


    What do you mean by ‘agreements by way of wager’? What are the legal effects of such agreements? Discuss.


    Hint: Refer page 50–51

  3. What do you mean by a contingent contract? Discuss the rules regarding contingent contracts.


    Hint: Refer page 53–54


    What is a contract of indemnity? Discuss the rights ...

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