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Business Research Reporting

Book Description

Business Research Reporting addresses the essential activities of locating, collecting, evaluating, analyzing, interpreting, and reporting business data. It highlights the value of primary and secondary research to making business decisions and solving business problems. It aims to help business managers, MBA candidates, and upper-level college students boost their research skills and report research with confidence. This book discusses primary data collection, sampling concepts, and the use of measurement and scales in preparing instruments. Also, this book explores statistical and non-statistical analysis of qualitative and quantitative data and data interpretation (findings, conclusions, and recommendations). The author shows how to locate, evaluate, and extract secondary data found on the web and in brick-and-mortar libraries, including optimized searching, evaluating, and recording. Plus, the book demonstrates how to avoid copyright infringement and plagiarism, use online citation software, and cite sources when writing and presenting. Two glossaries—one each for primary and secondary research—round out the content. Business Research Reporting can be your go-to guidebook for years to come. Reading through it in a couple of hours, you can pick up ample information to apply instantly. Then keep it handy and refer to it in your ongoing research activities.