Business Secrets from the Bible: Spiritual Success Strategies for Financial Abundance

Book description

Find success in finance, friendships, and spirituality with the advice of a well-known expert

It's safe to say that nearly everyone is seeking a happier, more successful life. So then why do so few attain it? Business Secrets from the Bible proposes a new way to view and approach success—one based upon key concepts from the Bible that are actually surprisingly simple. Written especially for those seeking success in the realms of money, relationships, and spirituality, this book encourages readers to realize their common mistakes, come to terms with them, and turn those mistakes into future triumphs. Filled with concrete advice for improved finances, spirituality, and connection, this resource takes a practical approach and aims to change not just the minds, but the actions of readers with a self-evident and persuasive pathway.

Drawing on his wisdom and knowledge of the Bible, the author reveals the clear link between making money and spirituality, and urges readers to focus on self-discipline, integrity, and character strength in order to achieve personal prosperity. Special emphasis is given to establishing positive attitudes toward making money and adopting effective Biblically-based strategies.

  • Demonstrates how earnings and profits are God's reward for forming relationships with others and serving them

  • Stresses the importance of service, sharing, change, leadership, and creating boundaries and structures

  • Encourages readers to focus on other people's desires and teaches why and how to make connections with many people

  • Suggests ways for readers to transform themselves and continue toward success even in the face of fear and uncertainty

  • Attaining wealth and well-being is no longer a mystery. Let this book identify and correct the errors that are keeping you from fulfillment and happiness.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover Page
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Dedication
    5. Contents
    6. Introduction
    7. Secret #1: God Wants Each of Us to Be Obsessively Preoccupied with the Needs and Desires of His Other Children
    8. Secret #2: An Infinite God Created Us in His Image with Infinite Imagination, Potential, Creative Power, and Desires
    9. Secret #3: Humans Alone Possess the Ability to Transform Themselves
    10. Secret #4: The Universe Was Created for Connection
    11. Secret #5: Making Money Is a Spiritual Activity
    12. Secret #6: Everything Important and Joyful You Have Achieved Has Been in Partnership with at Least One Other Person
    13. Secret #7: Focus on Other People's Needs and Desires, and You Will Never, Ever Be Short of What You Yourself Desire and Need
    14. Secret #8: Become a People Person
    15. Secret #9: We Love the People Whom We Help More Than We Love Those Who Help Us
    16. Secret #10: Life Isn't About What You Know—It's About Who You Are
    17. Secret #11: In Order to Achieve Success, We Must and Can Build Up Our Self-Discipline, Integrity, and Character Strength
    18. Secret #12: Your Authentic Identity Requires Other People
    19. Secret #13: Know How Business Works; Understand Specialization and Cooperation
    20. Secret #14: Each and Every One of Us Is in Business and Should Act Like a Business Professional
    21. Secret #15: Develop All Four Dimensions of Your Life Simultaneously
    22. Secret #16: Earnings and Profits Are God's Way of Rewarding Us for Forming Relationships with Others and Serving Them Faithfully and Effectively
    23. Secret #17: Raise the Limits on Yourself and Others by Imposing Boundaries and Structures
    24. Secret #18: The Importance of Service Is That You Cannot Lead if You Cannot Follow
    25. Secret #19: Vision Is Necessary; Sharing That Vision Is Not Always Necessary
    26. Secret #20: The Most Important Organ of Leadership Is Your Mouth
    27. Secret #21: Change Is Scary
    28. Secret #22: As Painful as Change Can Be, It Often Contains the Seeds of Growth
    29. Secret #23: Because Change Is a Constant Reality, Life Is More Accurately Depicted by a Video Than a Photograph
    30. Secret #24: The More that Things Change, the More We Must Depend Upon Those Things That Never Change
    31. Secret #25: Press Forward Even When the Road Ahead Is Not Clear
    32. Secret #26: Do Not Let Your Fear Conquer You—Press On
    33. Secret #27: Become Strongly, Even Radically, Open to New Directions, Soft Sounds, and Faint Footsteps
    34. Secret #28: Use the Power of Words, Sentences, and Sound
    35. Secret #29: Feeling Right About Money Makes You Act Right
    36. Secret #30: You Can Best Attract That Which You Best Understand
    37. Secret #31: You Must Know Your Money, Which You Must Be Able to Measure and Count
    38. Secret #32: Money Is Spiritual
    39. Secret #33: Don't Live Beyond Your Means—Give Beyond Your Means
    40. Secret #34: Giving Money Away Makes You Feel Wealthy
    41. Secret #35: How You Feel About Yourself Is How Others Will See You
    42. Secret #36: Giving Money Away Automatically Connects Us with Other People
    43. Secret #37: If There Is No Hebrew Word for Something, Then That Thing Does Not Exist
    44. Secret #38: Retirement Is Unhealthy
    45. Secret #39: You Can Ruin Today by Planning Bad Things for Tomorrow
    46. Secret #40: Retirement Tends to Isolate You
    47. Final Thoughts
    48. About the Author
    49. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Business Secrets from the Bible: Spiritual Success Strategies for Financial Abundance
    • Author(s): Rabbi Daniel Lapin
    • Release date: March 2014
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9781118749104