Secret #20

The Most Important Organ of Leadership Is Your Mouth

This principle may seem counterintuitive or hyperbolic, but I assure you it is not. You might have thought the brain was the most important organ for leadership. The brain is obviously very important to everything we do, but the mouth is the organ with which we communicate with others.

As in all professions, some doctors make more than others. Some doctors make a fortune, while others barely make a living. It may surprise you that some doctors struggle financially, as the medical field is generally thought to be a very lucrative profession. And, over all, it is … but not for everyone. What's the difference between those doctors who earn well and those who are barely eking out a living? Is it that the poor doctor went to a bad medical school and the rich doctor a good one? I can assure you this has no bearing on the matter. I will bet you the farm that you cannot name the medical school your favorite doctor went to. It is also unlikely that you know what percentile or rank he was in his graduating class. You probably don't know much about your doctor's professional history at all other than that he went to medical school!

So how did you pick that doctor? If you're like most of us, you found your doctor by word of mouth, either from friends or from reading reviews. Either way, you chose him because his other patients spoke well of him. That's the only reason you started seeing him. And why did these people like and recommend ...

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