Secret #29

Feeling Right About Money Makes You Act Right

Say you have to make a trip to New York City. You know that certain parts of New York City, as is the case with all large metropolitan areas, can be dangerous when walking around alone at night. The bad news? You're going to be walking around alone at night and you are going to be doing it in the bad parts. There is no preventing this—your business requires it of you. If you are not willing to travel to the seedy parts at night you might as well cancel your flight altogether. But you are a committed business professional, so you are going. You are also a responsible person who believes in being prepared, so you decide to visit your local bookstore and pick up a book on self-defense. It has detailed illustrations and chapters on every martial arts style. It tells you what to do when your assailant has a knife, what to do when they are carrying a gun, or if they attack in numbers, or from the rear. It's a long book, a real compendium, 20-something chapters, but you go ahead and buy it because you don't want to be caught defenseless during your nighttime perambulations through New York City. You tuck the book into your briefcase and head out of the store confident in your choice.

Sadly, the story takes a turn for the worse sooner than you had expected. You are walking out to your car in the parking lot when suddenly the cold steel of a gun is pressed into your back and a voice behind you says, “Your money or your life.”

What ...

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