Secret #30

You Can Best Attract That Which You Best Understand

Now you have a fairly firm understanding of what money is and what its role in creation and the economy is. A firm understanding of money will benefit us as business professionals because it is imperative that we understand that which we seek. This is true of all things, not just money.

I should not offer fishing advice. During our family's boating in British Columbia I have spent considerably more time fishing than catching. Finally, the breakthrough discovery in my frustrating quest for the elusive Chinook salmon was the miracle of fishing guides.

I had spent several week's earnings on fishing gear. It seemed so satisfyingly primitive to feed my family by rowing away from the mother-ship before dawn and return in a few hours laden with my catch of beautiful fresh salmon. Except it never worked out that way. Fine fishing rods, gleaming Penn reels, electronic fishfinders, colorful lures whose effectiveness had been solemnly testified to by the fishing store clerk. I even had a small library of books promising to persuade salmon to leap from the waters of Georgia Strait onto my dinner plate. I caught nothing.

Then I discovered Bill, the fishing guide. He had simple rods, nothing fancy. But he knew salmon and whenever Bill guided me, I returned with fish. It was satisfying. But more importantly, it taught me that knowledge of your quarry is more important than fancy equipment.

Similarly, a solid understanding of money ...

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