68 Business Service Management Best Practices
򐂰 Will a history server for archival information and reporting be used in IBM
Tivoli Business Systems Manager?
Tivoli Data Warehouse and IBM Tivoli Service Level Advisor
It is not recommended that you merge all processing into one machine. Most of
the processes use Java heavily, therefore the memory requirement is quite high.
The recommended configuration consists of:
򐂰 IBM Tivoli Service Level Advisor server that hosts administration of the
Service Level processing.
򐂰 IBM Tivoli Service Level Advisor reporting server that reports the Service
Level attainment.
򐂰 Tivoli Data Warehouse control server this is the management server for the
data warehouse.
򐂰 Tivoli Data Warehouse database server and IBM Tivoli Service Level Advisor
database server; these servers may be separate or merged since the
processing is mostly scheduled for running the ETL programs.
3.4.3 Monitoring standard and required modification
Based on the monitoring input that has been collected, a monitoring scheme
standard needs to be developed. This monitoring scheme standard is beneficial
in re-aligning existing monitors and in the creation of new monitors.
Our environment mainly uses the IBM Tivoli Monitoring product family and IBM
Tivoli NetView for the monitoring. Events are pooled through IBM Tivoli
Enterprise Console instead of using the Common listener interface. If the events
come from a non-Tivoli application, events can be received through the Common
One must also understand the change management procedures. Not all monitors
might be in place, or they might be in place, but not sending enough information
to the IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console.
Monitors need to provide the following:
򐂰 Ability to log and collect historical data when required. This collection should
have a minimal impact on the overall system and monitoring application’s
򐂰 Each alert event must have a clearing event associated with it. If the clearing
event cannot be produced, a mechanism should be in place to synchronize
the object states.
򐂰 Event management policies should be in place: how long are events kept, do
archives exist, and so on.

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