Chapter 1

Understanding the Customer Journey


check Figuring out your ideal customer

check Understanding the value you bring to the marketplace

check Taking a prospect from awareness to raving fan

Think about the last important purchase you made. Perhaps you bought a car, hired a babysitter, or switched coffee suppliers at your office. Chances are, you consulted the Internet to read reviews, got recommendations from friends and family on social sites such as Facebook, and boned up on the features, options, and price of the product or service before you made your choice. Today, purchases and purchasing decisions are increasingly made online. Therefore, regardless of what you sell, an online presence is necessary to capitalize on this trend.

This new digital landscape is affecting organizations in more than just the lead and sales generation departments, though. Savvy companies use the Internet not only to drive awareness and interest in what they offer, but also to convert casual buyers into brand advocates who buy more and encourage members of their network to do the same.

In many ways, nothing in marketing has changed. Marketing is still about developing a mutually beneficial relationship ...

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