Chapter 6

Writing Emails That Get Results

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding why email still matters and where it can take you

arrow Writing emails that achieve immediate and long-range goals

arrow Using strategies and techniques that work – and avoiding pitfalls

Love it or hate it, you can’t leave it – email is the nervous system of business life all over the world. Companies may declare e-free Fridays or add newer media like instant messaging or social networks for basic communication but you probably still find that your work life centers on managing your in and out boxes.

The volume and omnipresence of email in your life gives you the opportunity to accomplish your immediate and long-range goals, or screw up both. This chapter shows you how to make the most of this powerful medium and sidestep the traps.

remember.eps Of course another communication channel may replace email soon, but it hasn’t happened yet. In any case, the guidelines in this chapter apply to whatever comes next, maybe with minor adaptations to formatting and style. The essentials of good communication hold steady.

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