Writing was invented around 5,000 years ago, and the rest is … well, history. Before writing evolved, people couldn’t record events or anything they learned, so they had no means of sharing information other than in person. Without a way to build upon knowledge, people were limited by their own experience and what they learned from those immediately around them.

Writing changed all that. With it, human beings created civilizations. But for many millennia, the rich governing classes owned the ability to both read and write. A few culture and technology revolutions later, and now we all own those powers. With a simple click you can share an opinion with the whole world. Reach decision-makers and influencers. Create a market for a product or service, or a community of followers or friends.

One result of owning this magical power is that like Superman, you’re obliged to use it! More opportunities are open to you than any of your ancestors, even your parents. But because everyone has the power, whatever your goals, competition is guaranteed. Whether you’re a job applicant, a manager who wants to rise, an entrepreneur who hopes to do it your way, a professional or a specialist of any kind, writing well is today’s imperative.

If you’re reading this book, you already know that. But I think you’ll be surprised by how many more ways good writing can reward you than you now suspect. Good writers are increasingly at a premium in every industry and in every kind of enterprise. ...

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