Chapter 1

Make Writing Your Not-So-Secret Weapon


check Rising above the pack with good writing

check Understanding the three imperatives of strategic writing

check Using an easy structure to plan everything you write

check Writing successfully for print, online, visual, and spoken media

Delivering your message well and being heard. What could be more important in today’s world of over-communication?

If your career ladder involves applying for jobs, you need strong résumés, letters, and face-to-face skills. To earn a promotion, your everyday communication must signal your reliability, judgment, and resourcefulness. If you run your own business, or work as a consultant or other professional, I bet your success depends on proposals and presentations. And today, whatever our aspirations, most of us want to create an effective online presence. We want to team successfully with others and advocate for our own needs and ideas.

The foundation for all of this, of course, is … writing! Surprisingly few people realize this. When they think about polishing their communication skills, most people jump ...

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