Chapter 2

Planning Your Message Every Time


check Strategizing for success before you write

check Knowing your goal and audience

check Making people care about your message

check Using the correct tone

check Finding opportunities to build relationships

Think for a minute about how you approached a recent writing task. If it was an email message, how much time did you spend considering what to write? A few minutes? Seconds? Or did you just start typing?

Now bring a more complex document to mind: a challenging letter, proposal, report, marketing piece, blog post, or anything else. Did you put some time into thinking about and shaping your message before you began writing, or did you just plunge in?

This chapter demonstrates the power of taking time before you write to consider whom you’re writing to, what you truly hope to achieve, and how you can generate the right content.

Adopting the Plan-Draft-Edit Principle

Prepare yourself for one of the most important pieces of advice in this book: Invest time ...

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