Chapter 5

Fixing Common Writing Problems


check Solving organization challenges

check Catching and correcting common language mistakes

check Detecting your own writing weaknesses

check Proofing what you write

As you explore in Chapter 4, good self-editing requires you to look at your writing on two levels: macro and micro. Chapter 4 focuses on how you assess your content and present your material effectively. This chapter drills down to even more specific editing issues: techniques for organizing material and improving sentences and words.

remember Every one of us has our own writing demons, persistent problems that show up in everything we write. Happily, most of these issues fall into common categories that you can correct with common-sense approaches. Even better, you don’t need to master hundreds of grammar rules. This chapter gives you a repertoire of practical techniques for recognizing and addressing your own weaknesses. After you absorb them and begin putting them into practice, they enable you ...

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