Chapter 7

Creating High-Impact Business Materials


check Adopting the entrepreneurial mindset

check Developing valued reports

check Writing proposals and grant applications that win

check Creating strong and interesting executive summaries

Today, we all need to think like entrepreneurs. More and more people are starting full- and part-time businesses, and many earn their living as “independents” — professional specialists, consultants, and freelancers. Others, especially those new to the job market, supplement their incomes with freelance gigs and hope this work will grow into a future business. Even established employees benefit from an entrepreneurial mindset because they need to keep proving their value, pitch their own ideas, and compete for good opportunities on the job. A growing number of people find themselves contributing to their organizations’ marketing in some way, too.

The comfortable jobs that allow the holder to subsist as just another cog in the machinery are fast disappearing. But who wants to be a cog anyway? If you prefer to be an active, successful, and happy member of your ...

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