Chapter 9

Telling Your Business Stories


check Crafting your core business message

check Discovering and sharing your story

check Using video as a marketing tool

If you’re an employee of a business, nonprofit, government agency, or any other type of organization, presenting a positive interface with the world is part of your job. If you’re in business for yourself, success demands that you present your best case in every situation. You may think of yourself as a freelancer open to almost any opportunity in your field, but if you want more than an occasional gig to fall your way, best think of yourself as in business.

And just a like a big international organization, a one- or two-person business must understand its central message and deliver it consistently. This message may remain unsaid in everything you communicate about your business, but it’s your essential infrastructure. It should underwrite every page of your website, your blog, your tweets, your profiles, and everything you post on social media that is not purely for friends or relatives. And I wouldn’t be too sure that what you write to friends shouldn’t meet this standard. Today the lines between work and play blur increasingly, ...

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