Chapter 12

Creating Your Online Presence


check Creating a website

check Starting a blog and finding content

check Connecting with Twitter

check Using social media platforms productively

Digital communication offers so many tempting options that when writing for business, it’s wise to plan an integrated program and set priorities. In doing so, be sure not to leave out traditional communication channels: marketing materials, print advertising, publication articles, and book authorship, to name a few. You can miss a lot of opportunities, as well as a lot of life, if you confine yourself to your digital tools!

Connecting with your audiences in person is always the best way to build relationships and reputation. Consider giving speeches, presenting workshops, networking in your industry, participating in your professional associations and much more. Podcasts, video, and online workshops split the difference a bit between face-to-face and virtual.

Consciously integrating all your communication saves time and money by helping you

  • Focus your efforts most productively.
  • Repurpose content for different ...

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