Chapter 16

Ten Ways to Energize Your Résumé


check Matching your history with the job you want

check Showcasing your accomplishments and initiative

check Communicating confidence, reliability, and trustworthiness

Actively use the résumé-writing process to understand who you are, where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and what you’re ready for. The good news is that while this effort can be agonizing at times, finding the language transforms your sense of yourself. In figuring out how to prove yourself to prospective employers, you prove your qualifications to … you! You feel reaffirmed and ready for the next step — and prepared to sail through the interviews. Here are ten ways to smooth the process.

Don’t Apply for the Job You Have Now

People often make the mistake of writing a résumé as if they’re applying for their current job. That’s probably because it’s easier to describe where you’ve already been than where you want to go. The best résumés read as if the candidate has spent his or her whole career preparing for the new opportunity: not just any new job, but this particular opening. It makes customizing your résumé essential when you’re seriously interested in the job. Spend some ...

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