Chapter 12. Getting Your Hands Dirty with InfoView

In This Chapter

  • Logging on to InfoView

  • Customizing your InfoView

  • Using My InfoView

In this chapter, you get started with what is basically the rock star of BusinessObjects: InfoView! InfoView is the Web-based application that allows you to do what BusinessObjects Desktop Intelligence does and then some! For example, you can perform queries, create and update documents, and save them to a repository, just as you can with Desktop Intelligence. But you can also do more — such as schedule reports to be refreshed or choose formats for displaying your documents.

If you’re using BusinessObjects at your place of business, it’s very likely that you’re using InfoView to handle your reporting needs. Even though Desktop Intelligence is a very capable product, InfoView has some distinct advantages. For example, using InfoView means that

Everyone on your network can access InfoView, no matter where they are (assuming they can access the network).

Your system administrator doesn’t have to install BusinessObjects software on every network computer.

You can work with the familiar Internet Explorer browser, instead of having to familiarize yourself with the look and feel of a new piece of software.

BusinessObjects officially supports only specific versions of Internet Explorer (versions 5 through 7). However, it is likely that you can use other commonly used browsers, such as Firefox, with few difficulties in InfoView. There may be rendering issues using ...

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