Chapter 14. Working with Your Completed Documents

In This Chapter

  • Accessing saved documents

  • Viewing documents

  • Sending documents

  • Exporting documents

Up to this point, most of this book has been about reports and documents. We’ve covered how to create them, how to maximize your data to find what you’re looking for, we’ve even looked at mundane tasks like saving and printing your documents.

What we’ve not covered concerning documents — until now — is how to communicate with your documents.

Not every InfoView user is responsible for creating reports and documents — but every InfoView user is a pretty sure bet to access reports and documents and eventually share them with colleagues.

Working with Your Completed Documents

One of the most important aspects of business intelligence is the capability to share or broadcast data. InfoView gets you to the heart of this capability through a very user-friendly, Web-based environment. This chapter discusses what to do with your documents after you’ve created them — you didn’t think you were finished, did you?

Accessing Saved Documents

Reporting in BusinessObjects is a two-way street. As much as you might enjoy using the Query Panel and create informative reports and documents in minutes, sometimes you’re going to have to share the fun with your colleagues — and then make use of their documents.

Fortunately, you’re never more than a few mouse clicks away from accessing documents in InfoView. Your ...

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