Chapter 20. Ten Ways to Prepare for BusinessObjects Integration

Getting ready for BusinessObjects XI Release 2 is no easy task. It’s a lot like preparing for the holidays. It involves a lot of thankless work ensuring that everything is exactly where it should be and as it should be. Of course, your job is a lot easier than that of the poor guy or girl who actually has to install BusinessObjects for your company. Those poor folks have to think about server configurations, processors, and Web servers.

However, that doesn’t leave you off the hook. You need to take into account a number of considerations before you start using BusinessObjects — or even installing it on your own machine. By laying the groundwork and doing your homework ahead of time, you can (potentially) save yourself a lot of time and avoid a lot of headaches.

Now, don’t get us wrong. BusinessObjects XI Release 2 isn’t some sort of scary monster. Still, large applications can often require a rather time-consuming installation; you’ll definitely want to make sure your computer is up to speed — and that you’re actually ready to use BusinessObjects — before launching headlong into the installation (ahem) adventure. This chapter helps you prepare both mentally and physically for integrating BusinessObjects XI Release 2 to make it a positive experience.

Do Your Research!

We’re sorry to have to give you work to do, but what did you expect? Would you go out and buy a new car or a new flat-screen TV without doing a little research ...

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