Incredible iPhone and iPad Games
and the Stories Behind Them
Ryan Rigney
Foreword by John Davison
Computer Games
Incredible iPhone and iPad Games and the Stories Behind Them
Ryan Rigney
On the forefront of the mobile gaming revolution are real people with stories that are crazy,
stressful, hilarious, and, in some cases, heart-wrenching. Written by respected video game
journalist Ryan Rigney, Buttonless tells the stories behind some of the most interesting, well-
designed, and notable games for the iPhone and iPad. The included games were chosen not
only for their popularity, but also based on their inventive mechanics or polished design. For
each, Rigney gives the reader a quick overview of the gameplay and the game’s distinguishing
features, including statistics on development time, budgets, and downloads, before turning to
the fascinating stories gathered from more than 100 interviews with those behind the scenes
of the iTunes App Store.
You’ll learn about:
The real origins of Angry Birds
How iOS critical darling Jet Car Stunts was born from one of the worst games
of 1999––Carmageddon 3
Canabalt creator Adam Saltsman’s weird obsession with leaping out of windows
How the first-ever Iraqi video game went unpublished for 20 years before
becoming an iOS exclusive
The tweet that saved Words With Friends
The napkin drawing that became the biggest-selling comic book series on the App Store
“An in-depth exploration of gaming’s fastest growing space penned by one of its most avid and
enthusiastic advocates.”
–Will Herring, reviews editor at GamePro Magazine
“The App Store is so incredibly fluid, the way Buttonless locks the wonderful little stories behind
them in typographical amber is nothing short of a public service.”
–Justin McElroy, managing editor at
Ryan Rigney is a freelance journalist who has covered the video-game indus-
try from every angle for publications and sites including Gamasutra, PC Gamer,
and GamePro. He lives in Oxford, MS, where he is pursuing an education in
journalism at Ole Miss’ Meek School of Journalism and New Media.
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Incredible iPhone and iPad Games
and the Stories Behind Them
Ryan Rigney
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