Chapter 16. The Golden Sequence

Without a doubt, technical analysis is one of the most important tools that we use to develop our strategies. However, it is not the only one. In this chapter, I will introduce a handful of additional tools that also play an integral role in the development of our strategies. These will be most important to stock investors. Then, in the next chapter, I will officially introduce all six of our proactive trading strategies. Continuing with the same format I used in the last chapter, I will also include a series of graphical references to help me explain each one of my tools. Of course, included with every image will be a detailed explanation. However, I expect that my textual review will not come close to the visual explanations associated with them. From here, as we continue with our tools section, imagine using these in the open market every step of the way. This is where the conditioning we have worked so hard to achieve starts to pay off. With these tools, we can begin to protect our wealth and realize opportunity. Accordingly, when I detail the strategies in the next chapter, I will also be using real-life examples to demonstrate the effectiveness of these models.

Added Value

Herein are four specific tools that add value to our efforts. Each of these is integral to one or more of our proactive trading strategies, so they are all important to our learning curve. I will discuss these in the same order outlined below, because they build on each other. ...

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