Chapter 18. Automated Trading

Professional traders have probably been nodding their heads in agreement, as they worked through the last chapter, but normal investors may feel somewhat overwhelmed. Still, both have the same recurring hurdle to overcome. The strategies sound good on paper, but discipline is hard to maintain, and eventually all investors are prone to mistakes. This is human nature, and it was the focus of the building blocks outlined at the beginning. In this chapter, my objective is to offer a solution that all investors can use.

The actionable strategies detailed in the last chapter are sound, and they allow everyone to move toward the comfort zone. However, they are not easy to use without unyielding discipline. That is, unless investors incorporate the automated rule-based trading system we have developed. It incorporates the discipline for you, and that makes it easy. This tool not only allows professional traders to incorporate a mandate of structure and discipline into their efforts, but it allows normal investors to incorporate the same risk controls and realize the same opportunities that disciplined professional traders do, without sacrificing time or lifestyle. We call it Trend Tracker.

Trend Tracker

Trend Tracker watches the market, knows the rules, and executes trades automatically. Although it can be modified based on the end user's assessment of current market trends, Trend Tracker is designed to make sure everyone maintains structure and discipline at ...

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