Lambda Expressions

With the advent of LINQ in C# 3.0 the use of functions as arguments to higher-order query operator functions was to become a day-to-day activity for developers, having to write query expressions like the following:

int[] numbers = new [] { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 };var evens = numbers.Where(delegate (int i) { return i % 2 == 0; });var odds  = numbers.Where(delegate (int i) { return i % 2 != 0; });

You will agree that the preceding code is still quite overloaded with syntactical noise that comes from the use of anonymous function expressions: delegate and return keywords, and curly braces.

Note: Concise syntax matters

Simplified query expression syntax exists in C# 3.0, reducing the need to deal with the ...

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